ACA IRS Penalty Letter & Marketplace Notice Support

Our ACA Compliance Services: If you need proven IRS audit support!

Did you receive an IRS ACA penalty letter or Health Insurance Marketplace notice? If so, you can be confident our legal, accounting, audit and technology team will help:

  • Provide IRS support
  • Re-process your data
  • Prepare objective analysis
  • Participate in IRS discussions
  • Identify process improvements

Please contact us today to learn more about how we can re-process your data using our proprietary technology, provide appeal assistance, identify process improvements and mitigate future risk.

Net, net – We’re perfect for employers who used a vendor that simply entered your data without giving QA a single thought! To that end, would you trust them now when the stakes are so much higher? For 15 years we have been performing data-driven human capital audits and welcome the opportunity to help you materially reduce or avoid IRS ACA penalties and resolve its issues related to the Health Insurance Marketplace.

Employer IRS ACA Audit Support

Did you receive a IRS ACA Penalty letter or a Health Insurance Marketplace notice notifying your employer of a potential penalty? Do you need a defensible data-driven analysis? If so, you will be happy to know we can:

Business-to-Business IRS ACA Audit Client Support

We are ACA reporting specialists --this is what we do.  For the last two years, we've been in the trenches.   We have put together a special package program for 3rd parties, including  brokers, accountants and lawyers who want an in-house (behind the scenes or out in front) expertise.

You can "know what you know" and help your client, or bring us in to "know what you don't know" and solve your client's problems faster and more efficiently with our help.

Please contact us at or call us at 1-201-891-8010
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Common IRS ACA Pitfalls

Pitfall #1 – Bad Data

Pitfall #2 – Missing Recipients

Pitfall #3 – Missing Controlled Groups

Pitfall #4 - Wrong Offer of Coverage Codes

Pitfall #5 – Wrong Premium Amounts

Pitfall #6 – Wrong Employee Status Codes

Pitfall #7 – Missing or Wrong Dependents (self-insured only)

Pitfall #8 – “Bad Name/SSN” Error


Absolutely.  Our approach is two-fold.  First, we fix the problem.  Second, we review and remedy the root cause to further ensure costly mistakes are not made.

It depends on the nature of the problem.  The good news is we have relationships with ACA legal experts that are only one phone call or email away.  Since we have pre-existing relationships, our clients can gain access to our legal experts without having to pay high retainers and contract with them directly.

Our services are provided on a fixed-fee project basis.  In order to develop a cost estimate we will host a IRS ACA audit exploratory call.