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Our Fast & Painless 1094/1095 Reporting Solution

Be proactive. The 2019 due date is around the corner.

Employers have 4 clear choices:  [1] You can do it yourself; [2] Buy a template; [3] Outsource 100% to an expert, or [4] work with us and our solution.

Smart1095 is a stand-alone and cost effective SaaS  solution  where the system does most of the heavy lifting using our proprietary software.   Of course, you can also outsource the entire effort to us, too.

You'll be happy to learn that our proprietary and proven solutions work with any HR/PR system.  The secret is our Data Validation & Transformation engine (DVT). DVT only requires a limited amount of data from your system.

Even better with DVT, we are able to price both our Smart1095 SaaS and our full-service solution at very competitive rates.

We also provide other related services, including legal support, data conversion services, employee communications and ACA contact center support to answer recipient questions., starting at $1,995, is the right choice when you look at your budget, especially when you factor in your time, and your staff's time.

In sum, drive our SaaS car, or jump in and we'll be happy to drive! Contact

ACA Employee Enrollment Verification & IRS Letter 226J Support

If you need proven IRS data support!

Did you receive the Letter 226J penalty notice? If so, one of the first actions you need to take is to recalculate the eligibility of the employees mentioned in your Letter 226J that triggered the penalty notice.

We specialize in Employee Eligibility Verification. Let us re-compute eligibility to find the ROOT CAUSE and FIX IT. This is what our proprietary software system does for our clients during normal 1095 submission process, whether it’s for one employee or thousands.

Additionally, if you need more comprehensive support, please contact us today to learn more about how we can re-process your data using our proprietary technology, provide appeal assistance, identify process improvements and mitigate future risk.


ACA 1094/1095 Audits

In November 2017, the IRS started sending out Letter 226J penalty notices to employers.   At a threshold of 95% in 2016, there is very little room for error and potentially very high penalty fees.  With only a short 30 day reply window to Letter 226J notices, do you really want to rush your analysis?   Better yet, when you look back, do you honestly ever think the IRS would be issuing these notices? If not, are you confident your team provided 100% accurate data, especially related to employees who worked part-time, or started or ended employment at busy times of the year for your HR team?

At the end of the day, we can provide cost-effective audit services to find these potential data errors, and if/when the IRS comes knocking at the door, you are not only prepared, but you'll also be sleeping at night knowing this isn't going to be an issue as you proactively fixed it -- with our help throughout this process.

Do you really have 100% confidence your 1095s are correct?  Are you prepared to spend hundreds of dollars for each missing or incorrect form?  Only you know the answer.  If you’re conservative and want to mitigate your risks, you may want to strongly consider one of our audit services.

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Allow our proprietary data software tool to do most of the heavy-duty data validation, especially for employees who didn’t work the entire year.  Our proprietary Data Validation & Transformation Engine (DVT) validates your data so you can have peace of mind knowing your data will work.  Even better, our DVT engine calculates the codes and premium information on 1095-c lines 14, 15 and 16 so you don’t have to.


Get your organization data shipshape!  If you’re struggling with disparate data sets that are produced from numerous resources or if you can’t convert your data into the required template you will find great comfort in our retaining our Data Management services team.  Unlike most ACA vendors, the human capital data management is one of our core competencies.



Get the benefit of partnering with experienced professionals with proven ACA experience!  Each of our team members has experience with payroll, human resources, benefits, health insurance, data management and the ACA.   This experience further ensures your IRS reporting will be accurate and delivered on-time.


Get Timely “Expert” Responses To Your Questions! Whether you need help understanding the ACA, answering legal questions, assembling your data, figuring out how to communicate to your employees or have any related request, you will receive the right answer from one of our team’s HR/ACA experts within the same day (in most cases).

What clients have to say

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About ACA Managed Services And Working With Us!

ACA Managed Services is a full service, ACA IRS Reporting, Hours Counting and 1095 Auditing company that was started in 2014. Since that time our company has produced hundreds of thousands of 1095 forms for groups ranging from 75 to 108,000 recipients.

ACA Managed Services offers a standalone, full service solution. In addition to our IRS Reporting capabilities we also offer ACA consulting, data conversion, legal support, employee communications and contact center support for your employees. We also indemnify qualifying employers.

ACA Managed Services takes data security very seriously. Since 2001, the founder has provided medical claim audit, Rx audit and eligibility audit (among other human capital audits) on behalf of millions of employees and there has never been a breach. In addition, we will be happy to sign a HIPAA Business Associate Agreement to provide further protection.

ACA Managed Services provides has solutions for employers of all sizes from 50 to 100,000 plus recipients and has serviced employers in all industries and geographies.