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Let us find the problems first before you submit your in-house or vendor-produced 1095-C forms to the IRS

Which is your ACA source data and 1095 process face?


Helpful Questions To Ask Yourself:
- Does your company (or client) have high turnover, lots of new employees and part-timers?
- Do you trust your source data?
- Are you concerned about meeting the 95% threshold for employee ACA coverage eligibility?

- Did your 1095 vendor do the forms accurately?
- Are you concerned that employees will be calling HR about wrong forms?
- Will you lose your job or will your reputation take a big hit if the IRS penalizes your efforts?
- Even if the IRS doesn’t send you penalties, yet sends you all the mistakes made, will this cause your reputation to suffer?

- If you had an affordable service to validate your data and your forms would that be a good thing?


We believe the IRS will send penalty letters to employers that:

    • Have messed up key metrics that trigger an audit
    • The IRS thinks it’s likely at least 95% of ACA eligible employees have not received an Offer of Coverage
    • Have not filed or missed related companies

We have put together 3 services, leveraging our Smart1095 Engine, that will provide “peace of mind” and job security!

[1] Recipient Offer Audit Diagnostic (ROAD)
-Find Missing Recipients-
  •   What We Do

Using our Smart1095 engine, we intake your 1095 source data and 1095 forms data output (your vendor can provide you with this) you’ll be submitting.

  •   What You Get

You will receive a list of all ACA eligible employees who should have received an offer of coverage –with a report listing missing recipients that we found.

  •   Impact

By identifying missing recipients and other outlier situations, and making efforts to rectify, employer shows IRS “good-faith” efforts made to correct and avoids penalties.

[2] Line 14/16 Validator
  •   What We Do

Using our Smart1095 engine, we intake your 1095 source data for each employee and detailed monthly codes for each employee you’ll be submitting to the IRS, and we independently calculate our own codes and compare them to what is being submitted.

  •   What You Get

You’ll received a list of employees with code exceptions. Once fixed, your Line 14 and Line 16 codes should be error-free!

  •   Impact

Reduce or eliminate the number of irate employees who call the VP for HR and/or CFO because forms are incorrect. Submit 1095-C forms that are “code correct” to IRS.

[3] 1095 Internal Controls
- Conduct a "1,000 Foot" Review -
  •   What We Do

You provide us with 15 pieces of de-identified data. We then process your data through our Smart1095 engine to identify structural issues with your overall 1095 forms.

  •   What You Get

Similar to a digital security service that checks for viruses in your computer, we’ll provide a set of metrics (showing any areas of concern) for human capital, offer of coverage, and Safe Harbor codes that can be used as internal controls.

  •   Impact

Impact: Peace of Mind for CFO and VP of HR that your submitted 1095-C forms are structurally valid and 1095/1094 vendor didn’t mess up.

Starting at $2000

Fee: $500 + $0.50/employee

Fee: $500 (free <250 employees)