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Our 1094-1095 ACA Reporting Solution

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Employers have 4 clear choices for ACA 1094/1095 Reporting:

  1. Fill the forms out by hand and send your paper filing to the IRS;
  2. Buy a template and manually enter lots of data (and risk getting most of it wrong);
  3. Outsource 100% to an expert at a premium price, or
  4. Work with us and our solution.  We'll guide you through the process, save you time and heartache.

We offer a time-saving solution that only requires 18 data elements and also computes all those confusing codes (Smart1095).  Our system does most of the heavy lifting using our proprietary software. Of course, you can also outsource the entire effort to us, too, at a cost below our premium competitors (as we save time ourselves using our own data validation engine).

We also provide other related services, including legal support, data conversion services, employee communications and ACA contact center support to answer recipient questions., starting at $1,995, is the right choice when you look at your budget, especially when you factor in your time, and your staff's time.

In sum, drive our SaaS car, or jump in and we'll be happy to drive! Contact, give us a call at 855.948.5300 or visit to get started!

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