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ACA Waiver Administration & Dependent Eligibility Audits

Take advantage of our unique HR Admin acumen: Kill two birds with one effort to lower your risks for IRS penalties and lower your healthcare costs

Peanut butter and Chocolate.     Dependent Eligibility Audits and ACA Waiver Packets.     Put together, the results are sublime.

Peanut Butter and Chocolate? Dependent Eligibility Audits and ACA Waiver Packets? Why the synergies you ask? Our sister company has been doing Dependent Eligibility Audits since 2004. Clients routinely get a 4X to 20X return on initial costs. We know how to reach out to employees, do follow ups, and keep the paperwork manageable. The same type of effort applies to ACA Waiver administration. Given the recent learnings from IRS Letter 226J, we know waivers can invariably trigger costly non-compliance penalties. To help ensure you have adequate proof we have created two new services:

a) Outsourced ACA Waiver Administration
b) Dependent Audit & ACA Waiver Administration (at only a marginal extra cost to do both at same time).


Let's face it, some of your employees likely don't pay attention to eligibililty rules posted on and invariably enroll in the Exchange and get a subsidy.  Unfortunately, this translates into IRS penalties and a lot of extra work for you and your already resource-constrained team.   While we can't stop "rogue" employees from buying insurance from the Exchange, we can manage your waiver administration.
Our waiver administration service includes:
  1. Sending out waiver packets
  2. Reviewing waiver packets
  3. Reaching back out to non-responders
Net, net - our service helps you mitigate risk and be able to provide the requisite proof to the IRS when the IRS challenges your offers of coverage.


Are you planning on conducting a dependent verification project? Are you planning on collecting signed waiver forms from employees that don't take health insurance coverage?

Why not reach out to your employees at the same time! If an employee enrolls in the healthcare plan, they simply send us supporting documentation. If the employee opts out, they simply send us the signed waiver form. It's that easy.

What we typically see from these eligibility audits is that a small percentage of your employee staff have included family members inappropriately into your plan, and this results in significant savings at the end of our audit process.

We can easily include both the waiver form and a dependent confirmation packet in the same employee mailer, and follow up separately with them on both, as required.

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