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Our proprietary Data Validation & Transformation Engine (DVT) simplifies the 1095 reporting process as our solution does most of the “heavy lifting.” Unlike other platforms, DVT actually calculates the right Offer of Coverage, Premium Amount and Employee Status (lines 14 – 16) for Part II. of the 1095 so you don’t have to.

DVT only requires a subset of employer, benefit plan and employee indicative data.

More specifically, DVT:

1. Validates all required fields are provided and the field values are in fact valid. If not, exceptions are identified for re-processing.

2. Calculates Lines 14, 15 and 16 – DVT calculates Offer of Coverage, Premium Amounts and Employee Status for each Covered Individual for each calendar month.

3. Transforms data into a file that can be processed by our IRS ACA forms engine.

DVT truly simplifies a very complex process and enables you to relax knowing the technology is not only proven, but is easy and affordable.