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Our Letter 226J Fast-Turnaround Data Review Services

Featuring Employee Eligibility Verification

Did you receive an IRS ACA penalty letter? If so, one of the first actions you need to take is to recalculate the eligibility of the employees mentioned in your Letter 226J that triggered the penalty notice.


Employee Eligibility Verification

Verification sounds easy, but it actually requires reviewing, in most cases, historical data records of these employees from prior years to get a really complete picture of eligibility. There are all sorts of exceptions and chances are it’s one of these exceptions that caused the problem. Now, you need to find it.

Your Choices:

  • You can do this manually, but it’s arduous and you have to know all the nuances of coverage that frankly are both numerous and tedious to know;
  • You can have your current vendor do it, but chances are “garbage in – garbage out” given the IRS found a problem that their software didn’t discover;


You can have ACA Managed Services re-compute eligibility to find the ROOT CAUSE and FIX IT.

This is what our proprietary software system does for our clients during our normal 1095 submission process, whether it’s for one employee or thousands.

As an added bonus: We may just uncover a SYSTEMIC problem that may impact your your upcoming March submission for 2018 employees!

Employer IRS ACA Letter 226J Support

We can also assist you and your IRS advisor in all aspects of your Letter 226 data review needs:

  • Provide detailed IRS data review support to discover how to mitigate or eliminate the penalty fees


  • Re-process your data


  • Prepare objective analysis


  • Identify process improvements


Please contact us today to learn more about how we can re-process your data using our proprietary technology, provide appeal assistance, identify process improvements and mitigate future risk.

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