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Additional ACA Consulting Services

ACA Managed Services understands that large employers have unique needs that big outsourcing vendors and software companies aren't built to remedy.   We can.   We are happy to develop a custom solution to meet your exact needs.  Examples of our a la carte services are shown below.


Let's face it, some of your employees likely don't pay attention to eligibililty rules posted on and invariably enroll in the Exchange and get a subsidy.  Unfortunately, this translates into IRS penalties and a lot of extra work for you and your already resource-constrained team.   While we can't stop "rogue" employees from buying insurance from the Exchange, we can manage your waiver administration.
Our waiver administration service includes:
  1. Sending out waiver packets
  2. Reviewing waiver packets
  3. Reaching back out to non-responders
Net, net - our service helps you mitigate risk and be able to provide the requisite proof to the IRS when the IRS challenges your offers of coverage.


Are you planning on conducting a dependent verification project? Are you planning on collecting signed waiver forms from employees that don't take health insurance coverage?

Why not reach out to your employees at the same time! If an employee enrolls in the healthcare plan, they simply send us supporting documentation. If the employee opts out, they simply send us the signed waiver form. It's that easy.

What we typically see from these eligibility audits is that a small percentage of your employee staff have included family members inappropriately into your plan, and this results in significant savings at the end of our audit process.

We can easily include both the waiver form and a dependent confirmation packet in the same employee mailer, and follow up separately with them on both, as required.


Starting in 2016 employers must extend an offer of coverage to at least 95% of the benefits eligible population.  If not, the risk for fines and penalties is high.

By definition, companies have to ....

Our Counting Hours Plus solution includes:

  • Providing an intuitive template
  • Setting up ACA calendaring
  • Integrating client data
  • Identifying newly eligibles
  • Issuing notices
  • Determining threshold compliance
  • Reviewing affordability

Net Net:  While fundamentally a different process than 1095 filings, we find that companies who hire us for this solution also find they learn a great deal about how they report their full-time hire health info.   Ask us about saving money by working with us for both solutions!


If you’re the do-it-yourselfer type, such as an insurance broker, TPA or private equity firm, and would prefer to license our technology rather than outsource 1095 and 1094 processing, than you’re in the right place.  Our platform:

  • Handles Aggregated ALEs
  • Accommodates multiple plan types
  • Validates indicative data
  • Validates benefits data
  • Calculates Line 14 and 16 codes
  • Determines Line 15 information
  • Transforms to forms ready format
  • Produces control reports
  • Produces 1095 forms
  • Transmits e-filing to IRS

Net Net:  We'll also include XX hours of integration assistance, regular software updates as we continuously improve the product, and we'll also make available our other products and services, as needed, such as our call center.     We could even create a White Label solution for you, too.


Would you like to have a proven call center that can answer your employees’ questions?  Does the idea of your phone ringing less sound appealing to you?  If so, please keep reading.  Our 1095 contact center features trained staff who provide the following services:

  • Answers employee questions
  • Responds to employee emails
  • Authenticates callers (optional)
  • Provides information via our website  (take away)
  • Produces activity reports

Net Net:   By outsourcing your call center to us, your HR department doesn't have to become the sole source of employee contact.   Let us do the heavy-lifting and explanations as a service you offer to your employees. This is best for companies with many new employees each year.   We'll also provide appropripriate information for you to use for your intranet and external-facing web site, as needed.


Do you have high confidence that your ACA eligible employees did not go to The Exchange to purchase their insurance? Are you certain that at least 95% of eligible employees will be made an offer of coverage (including those in on-going measurement periods) in a timely manner? If you answered “yes” to either of these questions, than you will be happy to know we can:

  • Build expanded employee profiles
  • Analyze expanded employee data
  • Identify “at-risk” employees
  • Develop action plan for improvement
  • Count hours for non-benefits eligible employees
  • Identify newly eligibles
  • Issue eligibility notices
  • Review threshold statistics
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About ACA Managed Services And Working With Us!

ACA Managed Services is a full service, ACA IRS Reporting, Hours Counting and 1095 Auditing company that was started in 2014. Since that time our company has produced hundreds of thousands of 1095 forms for groups ranging from 75 to 108,000 recipients.

ACA Managed Services offers a standalone, full service solution. In addition to our IRS Reporting capabilities we also offer ACA consulting, data conversion, legal support, employee communications and contact center support for your employees. We also indemnify qualifying employers.

ACA Managed Services takes data security very seriously. Since 2001, the founder has provided medical claim audit, Rx audit and eligibility audit (among other human capital audits) on behalf of millions of employees and there has never been a breach. In addition, we will be happy to sign a HIPAA Business Associate Agreement to provide further protection.

ACA Managed Services provides has solutions for employers of all sizes from 50 to 100,000 plus recipients and has serviced employers in all industries and geographies.